Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"The Monster in the Mirror"

As the rain pelted down, Alice wept. She told herself she’d be stronger, that she would hide away the hurt. She always told herself that, but she never could. She wasn't strong and proud. She was weak, and she hated herself. She looked into the mirror, staring long and deep, hoping to find something good. Yet all she could see was the monster staring right back. It was always the monster staring back. She was simply a grotesque creature that no one could love. That’s why he beat her after all, and called her all those names, like 'Filthy Whore' and 'Stupid Bitch'. If she was stronger, maybe she would show him. Maybe she would kill him.

Alice guided her hands over her face, feeling all the lumps and bruises. He never hit her where it was easy to cover up any more. He never wanted her to leave though. He wanted her to stay couped up like a good girl. She wondered why, and whether it was because she was a monster. He wouldn’t sleep with other women, spend late nights drinking and hurt her if she wasn’t a bad person. As Alice wiped the tears away, she saw another figure in the mirror. Her heart jumped and panic overtook her forcing her scrambling backwards. If he saw her crying she would be punished. He hated girls who cried.

When she turned however, no one was there. She looked back in the mirror, and looked more clearly at the other figure now residing within it. Their was a woman, tall and slender, with flowing jet black hair reaching down toward their feet. However, the woman in the mirror had no feet to see, instead having only a long, scaled tail. Alice looked closer at the woman, enthralled by her strangeness. She saw the scales that ran over her skin, and her mouth filled with large, sharp fangs.

"You can stop crying Alice Loggan." Shocked, Alice took a step backward.

"Who are you?"

"I am one of the Lilim, dear Alice. I serve the Mother of All Lamentations. We have been watching you."

"Why would you watch a monster like me?"

"You are hardly a monster. We have seen what has been happening to you. We’ve watched as he beat you. We watched as he forced you into depraved acts. You can be better. You can be stronger."


"Yes. The Mother awaits you. She made us stronger. She will make you stronger."

"Will the pain stop?"

"The Mother will make sure you never hurt again."

Stepping slowly toward the mirror, Alice put a hand forward. She couldn’t explain how, but the woman in the mirror took her hand and pulled her though. With that the bathroom stood empty, accompanied only by the sound of the rain.

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