Monday, February 20, 2012


You are being chased. Hounded. You are running as fast as you can, but the thing that is chasing you is right on your tail. You can never stop, never slow down. You are being hunted.

You don't know why. Why you are being targeted by this thing. This beast. Its red eyes just looked at you and you ran. You can feel its hot breath on your neck every time you slow down.

You don't know what to do except run. You don't know if you can kill it or hurt it. You closed the door on it and it just leaped through, like it was made of smoke. Like it wasn't real at all. But you can feel its claws on your arm. Those were real.

You don't know why it's after you. But then you remember being young and going fox hunting with your father. Did the fox know what was happening? Did the fox know why it was being chased? No. It just ran.

It's right behind you. Don't look now. Don't turn your head. Keep running.

You can never stop, never slow down.

You are the fox. All you can do is run.

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