Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"It's All Over But The Crying"

It was over. I had finally broken if off with her.

She was no good for me, really. Always berating me and telling me how worthless I was. I don't know why I stayed with her for so long.

I mean, perhaps she was kind to me sometimes, but those moments were few and far between. I'd see that smile on her face and think that maybe today she would be in a good mood, but then she say something mean or cruel, all the while wearing that stupid smile, like she was happy she tricked me.

But now I've broken it off. Now I am my own man. I don't need a girlfriend, especially not one that was so cruel.

At the end, when I told her, she did say something strange. She told me that she loved me, which she never said before, that she always loved me, no matter how many unkind things I said to her.

I tried to tell her I hadn't said an unkind thing to her in my life.

And then I remembered the times she smiled.

And I stopped talking and walked away.

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