Sunday, February 5, 2012

"The Kingdom He Saw: A Poem"

The kingdom he saw
Cold and barren.
He searches for life
Cold and barren.
There is nothing.

The Icy Kingdom he felt
Cold and empty.
He still searches for home.
Cold and empty. Why is
There nothing?

The Kingdom of the Cold, he is
Losing hope. Nothing for hours on end.
Cold, empty, barren
Of anything but snow. Again
There is only nothing.

The Cold Kingdom, he saw
A boy, life, company.
The blizzard was whipping,
Burning, so cold.
There was one boy.

The Lonely Kingdom, he was
No longer alone. The boy of ice,
So blue, held out his hands.
Said the boy to the man,

“Come, come, my dear friend.
Let's be cold together.”

And the man was no more.


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