Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Sight Seeing"

It will be safe.

That's what my mother said when me moved to Iceland near a volcano.

I was really nervous about living so close to something that could kill me.

But somehow my mother convinced me to move.

Life in Iceland was pretty peaceful for the most art. We lived in Kirkjugard a small village near Selfoss.

I was walking home from school. I saw a man walking, looking sort of down.

I, being a friendly person, decided to talk to him.

"Something wrong mister?" I asked.

What I noticed first was his long grey trenchcoat and grey hat.

He smiled at me and said: "Nothing, just thinking."

He looked at his pocket watch then ran off as if he had someplace to be. There was something uncomfortable about him that I knew, but nothing I couldn't get passed.

I decided that instead of walking the usual route, I'd try being brave and walk along the bottom of the volcano for a change. I had been living there for a while at that point and thought it was time to face my fear.

Along my travel homewards, I met the same man again. He was looking at the volcano with such enthusiasm.

"Hello again," I remarked.

He didn't look at me, just kept looking forward.

"Beautiful isn't it?" he asked.

I didn't retort. He made me feel even more so uncomfortable than before.

He took out his watch again, looked at for a second.

"Click," he said as he clicked on one of the pins on the pocket watch.

I found him too weird to continue to be there.

As I continued to walk home I felt it. The ground underneath me was shaking. Rumbling and cracking noises could be heard from the volcano.

"Beautiful isn't it?" I heard the man ask loudly in the distance.

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