Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Gravity Ends"

Imagine the big blue sky stretching out in all directions. It's so much bigger than us, so indifferent to us. When I was a kid I'd fear the thought of falling into it, falling through a giant expanse of air and falling off the Earth. I felt like one day gravity would end, and everything would go tumbling out into space. All of the buildings in the world would topple with unnatural speed in every direction, and we'd all just be whisked away.

Then I learned about high-speed winds, hurricanes, twisters. They couldn't take apart our world all at once, but they can certainly do it one piece at a time. And then, worst of all, I learned of where the winds come from, and what brings them to wreak havoc on us. Someone, somewhere in the world, is fighting one of them right now.

And here they come now. I guess this time it's me. Whirling through the sky, whipping up the winds. I would run, but they have the wind at their backs, always. Coming to shatter another piece of the world and lift me up into the big blue sky.

Will it hurt to fly?

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