Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"In Bloom We Grow"

Botany captivates my interests effortlessly.

I opened the door to the botanical museum to be immediately greeted by the rich scent of flora. I strolled in and admired the scenery, not noticing that the Dionaea muscipula I had planted weeks prior were curling up within themselves. The aroma of the plants surrounding me filled me with nostalgic reveries of ecstasy and life's beauty. By the time I saw my Venus Flytraps, I didn't care that they seemed to be wilting backwards; I had always thought they were ugly flowers. Hahaha, very ugly, not pretty like the new pods blooming around me.

Vines motioned out of the new pods, and I tried dancing for them but they didn't want me to dance. They just wanted me to bloom. Bloom with them.

In bloom we grow.

I like plants.

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