Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"month of ice"

this month is hell

your job is terrible, your friends have moved away. there's nothing here for you anymore.

your last girlfriend left you because you just weren't there.

your only chance to change anything relies on you having any motivation at all.

but you don't, because this is the month of ice.

you're freezing and you can't stop yourself. bit by bit, you'll stay that way.

and eventually, bit by bit, you'll draw yourself away.

distant from everything. a memory to those who knew you.

never leaving the house. can't face the cold, because you're so cold now, you almost think you're warm.

almost warm. so warm now.

who needed them, anyway? do you really ever need anybody?

sure your life is terrible. but who needs life? it's so warm, here. so warm being frozen.

you almost don't notice the cold little boy. the frozen little boy.

he'll be here, when you're alone. he's always here when you're alone.

you'll take his hand.

you'll never be cold again.

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