Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Precious Little Angel"

They had wanted to take her away from me. "Unfit parent," they said. "Misplaced priorities," they whispered, as if I couldn't hear.

First it was my boss, firing me because I didn't go to work. Well, how can I go to work when I have a child I needed to take care of? I couldn't trust her with a babysitter; I needed to be there for her. She doesn't like sitters anyway, never really did. I couldn't leave her alone; anything could have gone wrong.

I didn't have much food left after a while. I couldn't let her go hungry though. I gave it all to her, I went on without and continued to watch over her.

She was my precious little angel, always there with her big smile. That same big smile that she now had on. She opened the doorway, the street outside had some mild traffic.

The dead bodies of the child service workers were my reward; a reward for protecting her from them. I couldn't let them take her, they couldn't keep her safe. Only I could keep her safe. She waved to me as she stepped out the door...

I rose, following as the blood dripped from my hands. She didn't say a word as she ran out into the street. She never said a word. That was part of what made her so cute. Always so cute; a little angel hopping along the road.

I followed, I had to follow. What if she got lost or got hurt? I couldn't let that happen. But I had to let her play; little children need to play.

So I followed, along the road. Traffic was picking up a little, but the cars stopped. The people within understood, I'm sure. I'm sure they saw my little angel on the other side waiting for me.

There was a loud air horn, people shouting. She waved for me to come on, that big smile covering her face.

Before the truck hit, I realized I didn't even know her name.

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