Monday, December 19, 2011

"The Thing Where My Eyes Used to Be"

Wanna hear a true medical horror story?

Your shaky vision and hallucination mean you've got an eye infection. You should be feeling faint soon. Please don't go to sleep. Please. Try to fight it all you can. If you don't get your eye treated soon, you'll lose your sight.

Let's just hope it hasn't gotten your other eye. Unfortunately, the only way to tell is to wait until after you've passed out. The second eye infection never makes itself known unless the victim goes unconscious. If you don't have a second one, you can fall asleep just fine. You might wake up blind in one eye, but that'll be the worst of your problems. If you do, it might be too much for your body to bear.

You'll dream very lovely things, I hear. Things like crossing legs with the boy you like. Your memories will play back, except a couple events may be out of order. Or missing entirely. The people who get two eye infections always say their memory dreams never have eyes in them.

I hear one person had a memory of gazing into his lover's eyes. And his dream of it consisted of staring at the skin where her eyes should have been. For a good hour.

Yeah, victims wake up. If your body is strong enough to wake up after passing out, you'll.. well, wake up. You won't even fully be blind, actually. This is the really creepy part. You'll wake up with sleep paralysis. You'll wake up, get up, go do something, and then really wake up and still be where you fell asleep. Except this time, you'll kinda have the opposite.

You'll still see, alright. And you'll be fully awake. But you'll see what you first saw upon opening your eyes after your memory dreams. That image will be permanently frozen in your brain. You'll still move and do everything, but you'll see that ceiling or wall or whatever for the rest of your life.

One woman even had her eyes surgically removed. Still saw the image. It was her brain that was doing it, not the eyes. See, this wouldn't be that baaaadddd if it was an eye problem at this point. But this means the image you permanently see exists entirely in your brain. You know what else does? Hallucinations.

One poor bastard woke up in a hospital bed after his double-eye infection. Was perfectly fine, but always saw the hospital ceiling. He was pretty fine for a while. After a month, though, he was really paranoid. He said he was seeing faces on the ceiling. Usually just faces from his memories. Sometimes had eyes, sometimes didn't.

But after some time, he started saying he saw other things. Hearing things, too. Hearing doctors and nurses walking by, even though he was clearly on a bus far from any hospital. He began to believe he was actually still in that bed. Paralyzed.

And after a few more months, he claimed a doctor was talking about operating on him. Claimed this was a new one, one with a long beak. He claimed this doctor was saying he has a "thing in his head where his eyes used to be." A thing that must be ripped out. "The operation cannot go smoothly or else the thing will stay in his head."

After one more week, he was screaming for a full four hours straight. Claimed he could feel drills and saws slicing into his head. All to pull that thing out from where his eyes used to be. Funny thing is, he still had his eyes in his head. By that day's end, he had clawed his eyes out and had reached his brain. He was dead.

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