Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Whispers of Mutiny"

On a ship with the greatest masts
Going on a journey simple as can be
There was talk of something in the deep
O'er the greatest sea.

The captain sent an investigation
And the crew started murmuring about he
And the cap'n wondered if it was just a joke
O'er the greatest sea.

Strange occurrences grew and grew
And what he saw the crew didn't see
So he started to record his observations
O'er the greatest sea.

Then somehow - though he was in the control room -
He heard talk of mutiny.
And these whispering murmurs gave him so much stress
O'er the greatest sea.

The days grew longer and the ship went off course
And the cap'n went over the brink of insanity
However, if he'd looked in his shadow he'd see The Choir
O'er the greatest sea.

They change what you see and alter what you hear
For your actions are all about your perception
And they climbed aboard a cruise line ship
To pull a fatal deception.

So if you hear somebody say something mean
Think carefully about what you do
For it might not just be that that guy's a jerk
The Choir could be following you.

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