Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

Over the course of three hours, an adulterer was outed.

It started when her husband noticed a strange pattern of disappearances, the realization just snapping together in his head. He ignored the trickle of blood from his ear as he investigated further, memories coming to the fore - the strife that their relationship had gone through, the strange eyes of his young son. All of these things snapped together in the mind of a previously trusting man.

He immediately deduced that she was an adulterer, and quickly sought his family for advice. However, before he could reach his father’s home, he met a man on the street. The man smelt like a butcher’s shop and was misshapen, but the husband was entranced by his bloodshot eyes. The butcher man tilted his head to the side.

The husband explained his situation to the butcher, who nodded with a sad smile. The husband understood, then – there was only one punishment for adulterers. He ignored the sharp pain in his skull, and he began shouting the truth for all to hear.

He went to the town square and raised an angry mob, and the butcher man plodded behind him, wiry black hair rank with the smell of death. The people shouted in outrage, rallying around the husband and the butcher man, raising their fists. They all bled from their ears, their noses, and their eyes as the butcher man gazed upon them.

The mob charged down the streets and dragged the husband’s wife from her home, tying her to a metal pole in the town square kicking and screaming. They told her that they knew the truth, and that she could never, ever escape it. They then took up stones in their hands and ended her life, the dull thudding of rock on flesh and bone echoing through the streets for half an hour.

Then the crowd dispersed, the husband simply standing there alone with his dead wife, bleeding from his nose, ears and eyes. The butcher man plodded in front of him on heavy paws, wiry fur rank with the smell of death.

It crouched down, smoke drifting from its maw as it lowered its face towards the wife’s body, and began stripping it of meat in the middle of Times Square.

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