Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"A Better Place"

I saw an angel today.

It was a beautiful sight; a heavenly host garbed in a robe of shimmering white, his face shining with bright light.

He did not speak, only reached towards me, holding out a perfect hand to me. From that moment, I have served Him.

I do not see Him all the time; rather I see His work in all things, the huge beautiful works of architecture and the little things, like the pattern on the membrane of a butterfly’s wing.

Recently, I have begun attending church more frequently. I know there is a God now, and I would pray to him.

My friends do not seem to see the light. They think that I may be going a little too far in my worship, but that’s rubbish. Nothing is too much when you praise the Lord.

I can see Him again, as I walk through the street. He’s there, in front of me. I smile as I walk by, the only one who can see Him, the only one who’s seen the light.

As I pass, He nods and gestures to the road. I do not falter; my time has come, and I am ready.

Placing my bags on the pavement, I stretch. I won’t need them where I am going.

He smiles at me and nods one last time.

I run.

Not from Him, but into His loving arms.

Into the road.

I gasp as the car knocks the wind from me, as my bones crack and crunch, as my head strikes the floor, but I am smiling, for I know I am going to a better place.

The world goes fuzzy, and I see it all fading to white.

It is calm here. I hear nothing, but I am not afraid. I know my Lord will appear and lead me to Heaven.

I clutch the cross around my neck. Soon I will be there.

I can see Him, in front of me. He is indistinct, blurry, but I know it is Him. I can feel it. He stands over me.

I can feel my soul lifting free of my body, rising, ascending!

Yet what is this pain I feel? Anguish, ripping and tearing through my body.

The figure is clearer now, and I cry out with horror. What was soft white cloth before has now become an ugly grey lizard skin. His charming smile is toothier than I remember. His eyes, before shining with a holy light, now burn with unholy darkness.

As He tears my soul from its body and devours it, I close my hand on the cross around my neck and wonder if there truly is a God.

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