Friday, May 31, 2013


That's right, folks, I have collected together a bunch of stories from this blog and a bunch more not from this blog and put them all together, along with some drawings and made an anthology:

Right now, it's on,, the CreateSpace eStore, the Kindle Store and on Smashwords.

Here is the list of stories within the anthology (anything with an asterisk can also be found on this blog):
  1. The Problems of Hell by JJJ
  2. The Truth Will Set You Free by Visitor*
  3. Exploring a Sealed Wing by JJJ 
  4. The Hum by alliterator
  5. Jack Frost by tgecko
  6. Inevitable by JJJ
  7. Decay by Omega
  8. Need You Like Water in My Lungs by alliterator*
  9. Soundless by JJJ 
  10. Penance by JJJ
  11. Lucidity Online Newspaper 21 by JJJ
  12. Underneath by JJJ
  13. Richard Cory by alliterator
  14. Nerve by Visitor*
  15. Possibilities by JJJ
  16. Shadow Play by Malus
  17. Talk on a Streetcorner by JJJ
  18. Closing Time by alliterator
  19. The Last Mistake I Will Ever Make by JJJ
  20. Precious Little Angel by Atik*
  21. Comfort and Joy by the Nameless One
  22. Amen by Omega*
  23. Eulogy for Howard O'Grady by JJJ
  24. Time/Place by CuteWithoutThe
  25. Salvation by ExorcistGamer
  26. The Day the Door Froze by DJay32
  27. The Witch of Gatlinburg by LizardBite*
  28. Teenage Gluttony by DJay32
  29. Saved by the Nameless One
  30. Insanity Door by DJay32
  31. Charcoal Sketches by Funden
  32. She Dreamt She Was a Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone in an Empty Field by Amelia
  33. Infection by JJJ
  34. Tick Tock by Proxiehunter
  35. Wish by DJay32*
  36. Merry Christmas, Mommy! by tgecko
  37. The March of Pestilence by ZacksQuest 
  38. Still Life by Manic Muse
  39. Chrysanthemums by alliterator*
  40. Statements Recorded From a Candlelight Vigil by JJJ
  41. Case File Juliet 005 by Proxiehunter
  42. The Farmhouse by Amelia
  43. Christmas Present by Amelia
  44. Shortcut by Malus
  45. Blood Music by JJJ
  46. The Midwinter Nights by ZacksQuest
  47. The Storm by TheSomnabulist
  48. A Great Man, Dying by the Nameless One
  49. The Ballerinas of Versiansa by DJay32*
  50. Wanderlust by JJJ
  51. Hell is Repetition by ExorcistGamer
  52. 152 Hours by tgecko
  53. The Hive by Proxiehunter
  54. Weak Foundations by Apostate
  55. William Wright by DJay32*
  56. The Monster in the Mirror by Shayde*
  57. Peter Pan by Visitor*
  58. The Thing Where My Eyes Used to Be by DJay32*
  59. Erosion by ExorcistGamer*
  60. Roses by Tigerhallam 
  61. The Suicide Note of an Anonymous Mother by RedRockingHood*
  62. Playtime with Mikey by Proxiehunter
  63. SUPER SPECIAL BONUS STORY by alliterator (only seen by two other people)
Go on then! Enjoy!


  1. The "Wish" found on this blog is much shorter than the "Wish" in the Anthology, though! o:

  2. For some reason I can't find The Day the Door Froze on this blog. Was that a mistake or has it just not been added yet?

    1. That was a mistake, sorry. "The Day the Door Froze" is anthology only.

  3. I got the Anthology today. I must say, it looks brilliant.


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